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Shippers Own Containers

Using SOC (Shippers Own Containers) containers for shipping can be extremely advantageous removing expensive container demurrage costs. You may also realise significant logistics savings through picking up or returning containers hundreds, even thousands of miles from the port.

At TITAN Containers you can buy or rent containers for use as SOC from many locations in Asia, Australasia, Europe and North/South America.

Our containers are in C/W (cargoworthy) condition and with valid CSC plates. If your cargo requires better quality (eg food grade or better) then we can often supply new/newer containers. 20’ & 40’ DV (dry van) and 40’ HC (HiCube) are nearly always available. We can also supply some specials types like OT and FR (Open Tops and Flat Racks). We even offer refrigerated containers.

Let us know the quantity and type(s) required, preferred supply location(s) and preferred return location(s) and we will send you a quote.
Shipper Own Containers

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